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A Montessori bed is a great alternative to your traditional cradles, baby cribs, and double beds as it provides your child with the freedom to get in and out of the bed easily. When you invest in a bed that is spacious in design with easy entry & exit it gives independence to your child to explore new things every day.
Not only can your kid play around the house whenever he wants but will also sleep in a comfortable bed that is close to the floor. So, what are you waiting for get rid of the old cradle which makes a million noises and brings home a super spacious and durable floor bed for your kid so that he can sleep comfortably whenever he wants.

The importance of the Montessori Method and its adaption has become popular all over the world in the last few years alone. The Montessori Method allows a child to become independent in decision-making and thinking from an early age. It involves designing the room around the child and providing him with activities that allow him to grow out of his comfort zone for exploring newer things.
This is only possible with the Montessori floor bed which is essentially a plywood-made durable bed tucked into the floor with protective outer panels ensuring the safety and soundness of the infant.

Montessori bed work essentially of the Montessori Method as it allows your child to get out of the bed easily to explore his environment, things around him, and much more.
The spacious Montessori house bed that we have for you today comprises the durable Alder plywood which is known to last for years. It is a one-time solution for getting rid of the crib or cradle which keeps your child trapped in the years of his life where he needs to be out trying new things every day.

Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed
Montessori Floor Bed

Montessori Floor Bed

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Montessori toddler bed

Some features of the top-notch Montessori toddler bed are listed below that will revolutionize how your child spends his day.

Made from top-notch plywood

The plywood material that we have chosen for this Montessori twin bed collection is Adler. Adler as we know it is one of the durable wood materials for constructing sleeping beds. The Montessori bed essentially doesn’t have a base, so the durability even matters more.
The cagey structure consisting of the wood panels all the way covering the mattress from all four angles need to be durable and sturdy for plenty of reasons. Firstly, sturdiness matters for ensuring that the bed always remains stable even if multiple kids are playing and sleeping inside of it.
Moreover, a bed is not something that you go to the market for purchase every other month it is a one-time investment for your kid's safety, growth, and learning experiences. Therefore, it was essential on our part to come up with a wood material that is durable, sturdy, flexible, and long-lasting.
The Adler plywood checks all the above boxes by a mile. Moreover, the Adler wood has a specific wood feel to it which enhances the design aspect of the Montessori beds as well and it feels like you have a stylish toddler bed for your kids at home.

Easy Exit & Entry

The bad thing about these cribs is that your little kid who wants to explore his room gets stuck in the crib all day long. That not only hinders his growth and ability to learn new things naturally which is the Montessori method, but he also gets grumpy and annoying as he is unable to move around in that tiny spaced crib.
It is the right time to upgrade your kid to a more spacious Montessori house bed that you can grab from our website right now. The Montessori house bed that we have in our collection is spacious, durable, and allows an easy exit and entry.
This means that your toddler can jump out of the bed in the space of a minute as the bed is tucked to the floor. In this way, your kid’s movement and instinctive learning abilities are not hindered and static when he has a Montessori floor bed as his companion.

Making the bed is simple & easy

The bed is made in the best way possible to simplify the assemblage so that every parent can make the bed at home without needing the help of a professional. All you need to do is grab some simple tools and follow the instruction manual to assemble the bed. This will hardly take less than 5 minutes as all you need to do is to get all the pieces together which we are pretty sure that you can do without needing any help.
Montessori beds are spacious for complete movement
Unlike a cradle or crib where your kid is stuck looking at the ceiling all day when you are out for work or busy working from home. A floor bed is a great option for kids who are by nature curious and trying to learn new things through new experiences.
The Montessori toddler bed is specifically made according to the needs of a newborn kid who loves to crawl around the room all day. For such an adventurous kid trapping him in a crib is an injustice that we are working on by changing the minds of parents so that they can move towards such options.
With an easy entry & exit, your kid can learn through the Montessori Method by exploring new stuff, hands-on learning, and collaborative tasks. Unlike a crib where he would be stuck all day which would only make him grumpy and annoying, you need to give your kid an environment where he can learn newer things by himself. This is only possible by grabbing a Montessori twin bed as soon as you can.

Safe for infants

The number 1 concern for parents especially the ones who are working for the safety of their infants because no parents want their kids to get hurt by falling out of their sleeping beds. When we started the Montessori floor beds adventure such thoughts also crossed our heads and after physically inspecting a Montessori toddler bed, we decided that this is the right solution for this problem.
As a Montessori toddler bed is close to the floor it is essentially the safest sleeping option that you can have especially for an infant. With control over exit and entry, your kid can have limited movement in and out of the bed at times when you are not supervising them. At other times, you can lower these barriers of entry and exit to allow your kid to get out of bed for new adventures and experiences which is the sole purpose of the Montessori Method.

Montessori Bed

A Montessori bed allows kids to explore and learn new things in their environment!


There might be hundreds of vendors claiming to sell brand-new Montessori bed for you to purchase. However, most of these are refurbished old beds that they are selling in the name of new beds just to save some extra bucks at the expense of their brand reputation.
However, we believe in the fact that if we will provide the A-1 grade of Adler plywood Montessori beds to our customers we will end up having a relationship with them based on trust and respect. This will only have a positive impact on our business as our dear customers will be our goodwill.
Keeping such values and attitudes we are serving our customers with brand new Montessori bed so that their kids can have a feeling of freedom right in their homes.


What is a Montessori bed?
A Montessori bed is a new type of bed that has been introduced that allows children to independently do stuff in their room. The Montessori toddler bed is a floor bed with a mattress on which children and growing teenagers can sleep without any hassle.
The floor bed allows movement, especially for little kids who are otherwise stuck in their crib crying and being annoying at times. The Montessori bed with rails appears to be a better alternative to cradle, cribs, and other similar sleeping options. It is because the Montessori-style bed allows your kid to roam around freely in the room exploring all kinds of stuff which he wouldn’t have been able to do if he was stuck in the crib.
Traditionally the Montessori beds are made with wooden materials which not only give the Montessori bed frame a great aesthetically pleasing look and design but the wooden materials like Alder Plywood are also extremely durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Some of these beds can last decades without breakage.

How Does a Montessori Bed Incorporate The Montessori Method?
Before we answer this question let us discuss a little about the Montessori Method itself. The Montessori Method is an education method involving self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and collaborative play in an open environment. The children in a Montessori classroom are involved in creative learning through activities under the supervision of trained teachers.
You can provide a similar experience to your children at home in the Montessori toddler beds which are clinched to the floor allowing your children to have the power to make independent decisions and to allow them to learn and grow from their own experiences.

Are Montessori floor beds safe for my child?
The Montessori floor beds are as safe for your child as they can be. These beds are much safer than any other sleeping option that you can have for your kid in their early childhood. The best thing which makes these super durable beds safe is the fact that they are clinched into the floor hence named floor beds. In this way, you will always have peace of mind that your child can not fall from their bed when they are sleeping.
This is not the case in a crib or cradle where kids can easily linger around and end up falling on the floor due to the height of the crib or cradle. The Montessori floors also come with a bed lining on all four sides acting as a barrier to exiting the bed. In this way, the kid can play inside the Montessori floor bed without exiting the bed premises which plays an important role in the safety of the child.

Why Are They So Expensive?
Generally, the Montessori floor bed or Montessori bed frames are expensive because of the highest-grade quality of Alder Plywood and other similar woods being used in their construction. In addition to this, the specific design of constructing the bed also requires precise work which is an art that not many companies possess. Moreover, the idea of a toddler bed is also a little newer to the masses. However, the price that you pay for grabbing one is worth it because you will have a solution for a long time as these beds are super sturdy and are bound to last for a long time.

When to Start Using a Montessori Floor Bed?
The floor bed allows independence for the child so that he can begin to explore his environment at an early stage of life as he is not stuck in a crib. Most people typically start putting their kids to sleep in the Montessori beds between the ages of 5-10 months. However, you can also begin putting them in the top-notch floor beds as early as 2 months of age but you would need to be a little cautious and attentive to your child if you are putting them in the floor bed when they are that young.

Montessori House Bed

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About Us

This venture is quite close to our hearts as we believe that by using a Montessori bed, a toddler can engage in different activities from such a young age and can end up becoming a versatile and creative part of modern society.
Our goal when we set up this venture was to get quality Montessori bed to every home so that toddlers have an independent environment to learn, play and sleep comfortably.
Now with these Alder Plywood-based Montessori toddler beds, your child will have the ability to roam around the room exploring new things and experiences every day. Through our website, you can have a clear view of the Montessori bed available for your toddler as we have a gallery of HD pictures showing the beds from various angles.
If you have any queries regarding our floor beds, feel free to let contact us through the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.